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Welcome to the new way of learning since our spring break ! We are all in this together and will manage through this difficult time. I'm always an email away or you can contact me through School Status.

We are moving on to T4 Monday, April 6th, Please find your assignments for my classes below. I will update each Sunday for the upcoming week. You will not need any textbooks for my courses.

They can take it next year as long as they're not a senior now. If you have questions, please contact your child's counselor by email. Welcome to health class OBHS! Your T4 health class will be very relaxed this 9 weeks. You will be taking these next weeks to research health topics and review articles that you find online or from magazines around your house.

The weekly topic will be vague enough for you to be able to find and locate hundreds of articles to choose from. Students will email or sent a message through School Status with an introduction about themselves. This is a simple assignment of at least 5 sentences telling me about you - the student. Extremely easy Making the Right Choices - The choices you make everyday about the foods you eat, the people you hang out with, and the way you spend your time, affect your health.


Research how these choices or any other choice can affect your health. Find an article related to this topic to read and fill out your article review template. Eating Disorders - The 3 most common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder.

Find an eating disorder article to read and fill out your article review template. Physical Exercise - There are so many benefits to physical exercise. Find an article to read that explains some benefits of physical exercise to your health and fill out your article review template.She previously served as President and CEO of The Partnership, the nationally recognized professional services firm that helps organizations advance and retain multi-culturals.

Given her own experiences in the workplace and in advising companies on diversity practice, Carol is deeply committed on how people of different races and ethnicities represent an essential asset to contemporary companies and organizations. Carol is a graduate of the University of the State of New York. She is a recipient of an honorary doctorate of law from New England Law Boston, an honorary doctorate from Salem State University and she received an honorary doctorate degree from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School inwhere she served as commencement speaker.


Thank you for subscribing. Expect an email confirming your subscription. Subscribe to Our Research and Policy Updates. Stay informed. Get the latest updates, news and more. Our website use cookies which are necessary for our website to work properly. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information. Skip to content. Back to About Us. Our Leadership. Thank You! Sign Up.Newgrounds is an American online entertainment website and company.

It hosts user-generated content such as gaming, filming, audio and artwork composition in four respective website categories. Newgrounds provides visitor-driven voting and ranking of user-generated submissions.

The site's owner, Tom Fulp, founded the site and company in and produces in-house content over at the headquarters and offices, based in the Glenside neighborhood of Cheltenham TownshipPennsylvania. Newgrounds's slogan since is "Everything, By Everyone". Time ranked the website at number 39 on its "50 Best Websites" list in User-generated content can be uploaded and categorized into either one of the site's four web portals: GamesMoviesAudioand Art. A Movie or Games submission entered undergoes the process termed Judgmentwhere it can be rated by all users from 0 to 5 stars and reviewed by other users.

The average score calculated at various points during Judgment determine if whether the content will be "saved" added onto the database or "blammed" deleted, with only its reviews saved in the Obituaries section. Art and audio compositions are processed using a different method called "Scouting".

All users can put art and audio onto their own page, but only those that are "scouted" will appear in the public area.

Welcome to Fulp Moravian Church

Like the Judgment system, it stops stolen content, spam, or prohibited material reaching the public area, using users and site moderators referred to as "Mods". Once an individual is scouted they are given the privilege to also scout others to those Portals.


Since showing animated movies and games was the original purpose and they are still the dominant media of the site, those submissions are all displayed in an area just called the "Portal". This displays not only what is in Judgment, but it also displays the statuses of recently judged submissions, and various winners and most popular submissions.

Content and context are liable to be reported for review to the Mods and staff members by flagging it for violations to the site's guidelines; a weighted system recognises experienced users and gives their flag more voice. The Homepage of Newgrounds includes featured submissions from each category, as well as awards and honors to users whose submission that fall under the site's requirements to earn them.

Adult-oriented content is allowed with adult ads, but is supposedly restricted only to users aged 18 and up, though there is no safeguard to assure this. Online competitions and contests are open at some times, where an individual can win and receive prizes presented by either a recognized user or staff member upon following a given theme.

The site includes a Community portal, where users are able to communicate with others through various Internet forums. Threads in the forums can be locked if they are in violation of forum rules. Another communication system developed on the site, termed "Private Messaging" and abbreviated as PM, is also granted, similar to the service of email where users can send messages via the site to other users.

A live chat room is also available. Any user breaking the rules of site use anywhere on the site can be sent warnings or subjected to sanctions, such as restrictions of membership or banning, by the Moderators or Staff. Inat the age 13, Tom Fulp launched a Neo Geo fanzine under the name "New Ground" sending issues to approximately members of a club originating on the internet in Prodigy.

Fulp began experimenting with Macromedia Flash, along with programming a Flash-compatible homepage that was later introduced to his secondary site, "Telebubby Fun Land", and was later released. Fulp later merged his two websites to form another website with the name Newgroundsleading to him to change hosts to accommodate the increasing traffic, and started selling merchandise to pay for the website's hosting bills.

Introducing banner ads to pay for growing payments inFulp partnered with Tromawho hosted the site in exchange for a share of ad revenue. A chat room and message board was added onto the website, which allowed people visiting the website to interact with each other. Many users had begun submitting their own Flash creations to Fulp, so he created a portion of the site called "The Portal" to display them.

A friend of Fulp's named Ross developed the "Grounds Gold System", which allowed users to gain points for voting on submissions online. Ad revenue had increased, so Ross was hired, starting development of the current automated Portal, which would allow users to submit their own generated content to the website and have it judged by anyone visiting.

After the dot-com bubble collapsed, Newgrounds struggled in paying its hosting costs. The affiliation with Troma ended in and Newgrounds switched to another bandwidth provider, which significantly reduced hosting costs.Pasar al contenido principal. Un compromiso del pasado para impulsar el futuro. Font Weight Body -- Default -- Font size Body -- Default -- 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Background body show when use boxed layout.

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Las candentes fotos de Catherine Fulop a sus 54 años

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Main Menu. Menu Color Link x. Menu Color Hover x. Sub Menu Background x. Sub Menu Color x. Sub Menu Color Link x. Sub Menu Color Hover x. Color Link x. Color Hover x.We are a evangelical, Christian Church proclaiming Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; celebrating our faith through worship, fellowship and service.

We are an evangelical Christian Church in the Moravian denomination. Whether you are a life-long Christian or a new believer Fulp Moravian is a church that welcomes all as we worship our Savior and Lord. As you visit our website we hope you will get to know who we are and will choose to come and visit and see for yourself what we have here at Fulp Moravian. Pastor: Rev. Accompanists: Organ: Vacant, if you can play, please let us know! Moravian Church, Southern Province: www. Ready to be a part of FULP?

We want you! Contact us today and Pastor Chuck Harmon will reach back out to you! The organization of the church began when Dr. Elias Fulp promised land for the church and graveyard. Prior to the establishment of the church, Brothers James T. Lineback, Woosley and C. Couch held a series of evangelistic services. The arbor had a seating capacity for people. The first building was 30X 50 feet with an annex in the rear for primary classes. The cornerstone was laid on August 9, The church was built under the supervision of Dr.

The church parsonage was built and was dedicated on July 23, Much of the material for this building was taken down and transported from High Point, N. The Moravian Church or Unitas Fratrum [Unity of the Brethren] as it has been officially known since is recognized as the oldest Protestant denomination. We are Christian first, then Moravians. Welcome to what has often been called the Church of the Heart. Skip to content.

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Noticias Recientes. Desktop Version Mobile Version.Morning sunshine will give way to isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. Hot and humid. High around 95F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Updated: July 19, am. Ray Howell officiating. Burial will follow in Lexington City Cemetery. The family will receive friends from She loved being a homemaker, wife, mother and grandmother. She found joy in serving others--trying new recipes and sharing the results, knitting for her family and others, making favors for the nursing home, delivering meals on wheels, propagating plants and sharing, serving with NC Baptists on Mission Disaster Relief feeding team, and writing hundreds of letters and cards to encourage others.

She fervently prayed for missions and needs as she became aware of them. She loved knitting and praying for the recipients of her many prayer shawls. She was proud of her family, family history and her Baptist heritage. Her faith in God sustained her throughout her life.

She is survived by her son, Dr. She was blessed with several loving nieces and nephews. We would like to express our appreciation to many who helped to love and take care of her at Appalachian Brian Estates, Glenbridge, and Medi-Home Hospice. BoxCary, NC Online condolences may be made at www. Davidson Funeral Home N. Main Street. Log In. If you see a negative or inappropriate comment, please click on the link in the comment to report it, and a staff member will follow up immediately.

Funeral homes often submit obituaries as a service to the families they are assisting. However, we will accept obituaries from family members pending proper verification of the death.

If you wish to submit an obituary please click here to place your notice. You can also contact us at In Memoriam notices can be placed by contacting Jennifer McDaniel at jmcdaniel wsjournal. You'll find individual Guest Books on the page with each obituary notice. By sharing a fond memory or writing a kind tribute, you will be providing a comforting keepsake to those in mourning. From a Guest Book, you may log in with your user account to leave a message.

If you have an existing account with this site, you may log in with that.

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